About Us

The ongoing pandemic of Covid-19 has not only brought our families closer but it has triggered a lifestyle change that is healthier and closer to our traditions.

Aayushwell began with the same idea of connecting us more to our roots, the traditional things that make us more 'Indian'. Aayushwell is much more than 'just another oil brand'. It began with the basic idea of re-introducing people to the age-old technique of wood-pressed oils.


Scientific research in food technology over the past few years has shown that woodpressed oils are better than refined oil in terms of nutritional value, antioxidant levels, levels of essential fatty acids. Since the wood-pressing technique preserves the natural antioxidants and the original nutrients of the oil, these oils have a unique aroma and taste that will definitely add flavor to your everyday meals.


Unlike refined oils, no organic solvents are added in the process of making wood pressed oils, thus making them free of synthetic/chemical contaminants! 
With the primary focus on health in mind, Aayushwell is happy to serve you with a wide range of wood-pressed oils.


Let's take a step towards a healthier world.  Be Wise.. Choose Right!